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Privacy Policy

This web site – – is operated by Get In Cornwall. Various other organisations are involved in certain aspects of the site’s operations, such as producing material for inclusion in the site.
There are facilities within which allow you to type in information and submit it to the us, e.g. Personal Information requests & ‘Contact Us’ forms. You should be aware that when you submit this information it is not encrypted, nor is it subject to special security measures. Therefore, it is possible that your information may be intercepted by somebody on the internet who is attempting to do so. We recommend that you do not include in any such correspondence any details which you would consider confidential.

  • This web site does use cookies in order to store accessibility settings, however it does store any other cookies for the collection of personal information.
  • The site neither collects nor stores any personal identifiable information relating to you.
  • If this privacy statement is amended, the amended version will be made available on this web page.

Should you have any questions about the privacy of using this web site, please e-mail