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Get On

You are employed in health and care and have moved into a role with more responsibility and which requires a higher level of skills.
You may be in a role that you really enjoy, but change and new ideas mean that you still need to update your skills to enable you to do the job effectively. Developments in technology may mean that you need to learn additional skills. There may be new treatments or greater understanding of the needs of your client group – you will need to keep abreast of new developments.
You may want to use this role as the next stage in your career progression. By continuing to develop your skills and qualifications, you may want to move on to new roles either in your present area or you may want to develop your expertise and face a new challenge.
It may be developing supervisory or team leadership/management skills or acquiring new work based or clinical qualifications.
There are a range of opportunities across health and social care which can enable people to achieve job satisfaction and, if they want, a step further in their career progression.
You can investigate career options and discuss development opportunities in your annual appraisal.
We have identified some examples of roles that illustrate possible progression for support workers. If you want to look further, you can look at Health Careers and ThinkCareCareers.
Job vacancies will be on NHS Jobs, youcare and Universal Jobmatch.