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Breakfast Networking – National Apprenticeship Week

March 8, 2018 | By |

Events during National Apprenticeship Week 2018

Yesterday (7 March) a networking breakfast gave apprentices and managers the opportunity to share experiences of the scheme with the Director of HR and OD at the trust, Catrin Asbrey. Afterwards, Catrin said:

“It was great to get to meet so many of our apprentices today. Seeing apprentices who are all different ages and backgrounds and doing different roles shows that apprenticeship really is for anyone. I really hope many more staff will be inspired see what an apprenticeship can offer them.”

The apprentices

Catrin Asbrey (centre) is pictured with apprentices Hayley Phillips, Georgie Gordon and Becky Tonn Catherall. They all enjoy their various roles and aspire to progress and remain working in the NHS.


Managers and apprentices provided feedback as part of the networking breakfast which will inform further developments to the apprenticeship scheme.

Future Plans

Helen Lynch, Apprenticeship Lead stated:

“RCHT have successfully recruited 30 apprentices over the last financial year. Predominantly they work in administrative roles, though we also have apprentices in Pharmacy and Clinical Imaging. The Trust is committed to increasing the number and extending the roles of apprentices year on year. They prove to be invaluable to the team, demonstrating loyalty, enthusiasm and passion for their roles. I would certainly recommend recruiting an apprentice.”